Wednesday, February 21, 2007

For The Petrol Heads

For all you petrol heads it's nearly time for the Clipsal 500. The thought of watching boys and their toys doesn't thrill me in the least and I love my hearing.

But I have watched with interest the Holden that for some reason is able to fly over our house. The blimp is here for the big race and is being housed at the Parafield Airport. So tonight Pat & I went for a walk to take some photos.

If you look in the one of the photos you are able to see the ropes that are used to help bring the blimp down, this was shown on the local Channel 7 news tonight.

The dark patch on the side is a huge TV and it shows up what ever is playing really easy from the ground.

It's here for 2 weeks and then it's off to goodness knows where.

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Parafield Flight Training Noise said...

Sounds like you may be a flight training Parafield fan, care to share your thoughts with us?



Lucky-1 said...

Afternoon Bob,

Thanks for your comment and I’ll publish it as well as this on my blog..

We have lived here in Parafield Gardens since 1994 and my husband Pat is always annoyed by the lateness of the hours the planes are flying. Some warm nights it seems so bad, we close the house up to get some peace.

Pat is often saying these sort of training places should be out of the city say up toward Port Augusta or Whyalla…( we come from Whyalla too) and give these towns the income it generates. And that way they have all that space to fly around in and can only annoy the roo’s & emus.

We have noticed since moving in 1999 to the house we are in now, that the planes are more and more in the sky………

Anyway hope this helps in some way

Kind regards