Saturday, February 17, 2007

Give Me A Kiss

Aspro and Pa's budgie are getting on like a house on fire. They are making so much noise now they are used to each other.

Pa's little budgie is a male and Aspro is a female.

We have nicknamed the budgie anything from Panadol, to Nuro short for Nurofen....... keeping in the theme for pain killers.

Taking a bit to see 2 white budgies in the cage too.

The cage is next to my computer desk and so with all the racket these two were making I just had to take a photo and post it here.


Deb said...

We have a little budgie in our house too! My dd received him for her 10th birthday, her very own pet... his name is Charlie and he is very spoilt. He has free flying time every morning and again every afternoon. He sits with dd while she is working on projects at the table and just loves being on her shoulder. He sleeps in his cage up in her bedroom each night and he is her very own alarm clock each morning. They are wonderful little birds...

Lucky-1 said...

Budgies and chooks are great little feathery pets for young children.