Saturday, February 17, 2007

A Great Book

Often wondered what people read about with their hobbies and interests??

I don't buy those gossip magazines that come out weekly. Rather put the money towards something I am going to get some use out of and I have more faith that what is written in these sorts of books and is more truthful than those weekly mags.

These are the poultry books I have brought for my own use and have found them to be of a great help when learning how to care for my ducks and chooks.

"Lucky Ducks" is a book written by a lady and tells the delightful story of her ducks she shares in an inner suburb in Melbourne. Its a delight to read and some lovely photos of how they all live together.

"For The Love Of Ducks" is written by an Australian and this is a bonus as Aussie poultry books are far and few between.

"Backyard Poultry" is another wonderful Australian book from a woman who writes for Earth Garden and other magazines. I recommend this book to anyone who wants a helpful book on poultry care.

"Raising Poultry" was the first book I bought about 8 years ago and this one is an American publication.

"Raising Poultry The Modern Way" is a 1975 edition and so I guess that makes it a not so modern way of raising poultry:). This book was given to me by a friend, when her mother moved into a aged care unit.

These books I use as a guide for caring and raising ducks & chickens. I find just taking one of these books to bed is a great way to relax and also absorb the information I am looking for in the books.

Tomorrow I show you the magazines I buy that are to do with gardening and poultry.

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