Monday, February 26, 2007

No Pumpkin Soup

It got the better of me, this pumpkin plant that was taking over an area and produced no fruits. I thought at one stage I was going to score some pumpkins for winter soup and roasting.

But no.

So yesterday evening I pulled it up. Two wheel barrows worth, 1 in the chook run and 1 into the compost bins.

This meant I had to turn the compost bins to make sure it was working before adding new green waste. I emptied the tumbler into the old tomato area for the up and coming leafy winter greens. The 2 bins were then emptied into the tumbler and then the pumpkin waste was mixed with other goodies in the 2 bins. This weekend it'll have dropped down enough to empty into 1 compost bin.

This is the root of the pumpkin plant, pretty big isn't it? I had to get Pat to pull it out as after all the runners being pulled out, my arms were too tired to pull the root free of the soil.

Raked up all the dead leaves from the pumpkin and this was composted along with the plant.

Studied the area and it's going to be the root crop over the winter break. Next to it I'll plant some leeks for winter soup.

Area looks bare, but at the same time more promising than what it was looking yesterday morning.

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