Saturday, March 17, 2007

2007 World Police & Fire Games

From the 16th to 25th of March, Adelaide is hosting the 2007 World Police & Fire Games. So today Pat & I caught the train into the city to watch the Dragon Races on the River Torrens.

Couldn't believe our luck as we sat next to a young South Aussie Fireman called Chris. This was a bonus as I was able to ask what seemed like a million questions about the games and what races Chris would be in. He is in the dragon boat races on Sunday 18th.

We found out that one of the tests to become a fireman is running up the Santos building in the CBD, 30 flights of stairs. This is 1 of the races that will be run during the games. Once with all their fire fighting gear on and then again in their running gear.

Once we left the train station and wished Chris all the best for the games we headed towards Central Market for some lunch and fresh fruit to take with us to the River Torrens.

On the way down to the Torrens we took a right turn and ended up at Government House as the beautiful gardens and house is open this weekend for viewing. I can't count the amount of times we have walked past and wondered what it is like inside. Trust me, we weren't disappointed at all.

Dragon boat racing to the sounds of beating drums and people cheering. Race course was 250 metres long and boy could they get the boats hiking.

The city was awash with colour from all the different uniforms, faces that carried smiles and voices from around the world.

Anyone of them we spoke to was happy to tell us where they were from, if they were police or firemen. We spoke to people from UK, USA, South Africa, Adelaide, interstate & Croatia.

All visitors said that Adelaide and her people have been very friendly and welcoming, plus the weather (though rain is badly needed) was perfect.

I have also added about 28 photos of Government House and the games on my main website.

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