Saturday, March 31, 2007

Birds Eye View

I am often asked what size our backyard is and the shape of it. As I am scared of heights I asked Pat to climb up onto the roof and take some photos to show you. Seeing he did such a great job for me I have picked out 5 photos to try and cover all areas, as the yard couldn't all fit into the one photo.

When looking to buy a house the yard was very much in the back of my mind as I knew I wanted to start a vegie garden as soon as we moved it. There were a few scraggly shrubs that were removed as we increased the vegie area. Also the lawn was bigger but this has been cut down in size by using a no-dig practice.

So lets take a tour of my backyard.

Standing on the shed roof looking straight out towards the main vegie patch. The "people fence" separates the poultry run from the garden and lawn area. This fence went up when the water restrictions came in and also too many complaints of duck poo on the cement and lawn, from family members.

In this photo you can see the new area for our espalier trees that will be going in this winter. Next year we are hoping to add more fruit trees along the back fence in the duck run. This will need more thought though as we don't want the ducks to strip new growth of those trees.

Standing over the kitchen/dining room window area you can see the chook house, Pat's shed and the duck shed. On the list to do at some stage is to pull down the chook house and use the duck shed as the hen house. Take the chook run to the fence near the composting area. This will the let the chooks have more of a run and I don't have to baby sit them when out as a few tend to hop over the people fence and raid the garden.

The chooks have a good size run area and also underneath the old cubby house as well.

That is the leafy area plot for the autumn/winter months. Behind it is the raspberry section and Cadbury's day hutch for when the playpen is booked out. This is also the rabbit hutch I fell over and needed to get my left leg dressed for that fortnight.

Looking down over the far end of the main vegie patch you can see the area behind the apricot tree. This is where I am growing the green manure patch this winter. Good area for growing plants in the summer as the sun gets to that area nicely. Winter time isn't not as good of an area for growing plants, though I do think a leafy crop would do okay here. Giving that a try next winter.

The root crop under protection can be seen easily and it's a fair size as well. Where the asparagus and zucchinis are is part of the no-dig area.

The grey foliage shrub is wormwood that I grow for the chooks and ducks. Its a natural wormer for them.

This photo shows more of the duck run, their new shelter , dead plum tree (must cut more of that down), and the composting area.

When the chook run is redone, the composting area will be inside the chook run. That will thrill the chooks feather off to no end.

You can see the tyre compost bin I make up each year in the cooler months. This will be used in the spring. Yellow pond upside down also has compost under in and the duck love to stand on it and yell out to me at meal time if I'm running late.

So there you have it a tour of my backyard. With a yard this size to get as much out of it for food as possible, I look at growing plants upwards where possible.

Pat's and my dream one day is to have a hobby farm where I can go berserk with the space. One day when my powerball numbers come in.

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Mick Moore said...

Nice to see that the yard is looking tidy and that the house gutters are clean. Keep up the good work.

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Mick. Never know you might score a few vegies over the winter months.

Jaxter41 said...

All I can say is I'm impressed! When I read your posts on the garden forums and I assumed that you had a huge acreage. You've got heaps packed into a small space. Good on ya!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Jaxter41:)

I'm coming up with new ideas on growing vegies and fruit all the time. Space being the biggest factor is why I am heading towards Espalier trees and growing what foods I can up a trellis.