Saturday, March 24, 2007

Slippery Little Suckers

In the afternoon yesterday rain started to fall and all up we had 15.5 mm of rain. After all seeds were sown and gardening was completed for the day, sitting back and listening to the rain fall was wonderfully rewarding.

Last night I did my first slug/snail patrol for the year and came up with this tidy amount.

Margarine dish secured better this time round and sitting on the kitchen sink , I walked into our rumpus room and here slimming over the carpet was this fellow.

Who ever said green carpet isn't greener on the other side of the door.??

Chooks enjoyed their meaty breakfast this morning.

Muscles are feeling it this morning but at some stage today I am outside starting to remove lawn against our "people fence". Last year Pat and I decided to grow fruit trees against this fence in an espalier style.

Also need to bring round the back, last of the pavers my brother dropped off from his place months ago. I'll use these as a boarder round the freshly dug area.

When we came up with this idea last year it was too close to the end of fruit tree planting season. So this is on the list of things we want to do this winter. Hoping to have in by the time planting season is finished

  • white flesh nectarine
  • plum
  • apple

Where the old plum tree was (died last year) a orange or mandarin tree.
Harvested this morning, zucchinis, capsicums and basil. Want to make another Pesto at some stage today.

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Scarecrow said...

Mmmm Pesto! Doc made some using almonds recently yummy!
Almonds grow well up here so anything with nuts has almonds instead!
Sounds like a good idea espaliering the fruit trees.
More people in suburbia should do that!
I found some huge zucchinis this morning, looks like they'll get grated up into something. lol

Lucky-1 said...

Hey Scarecrow, it's an exciting time here at Lucky's Duck Farm:)

Check out the page on my main website for espaliering fruit trees.

I have a zucchini slice on my Garden to Plate blog in the 2006 year's listing almost at the bttom of the page.