Monday, March 12, 2007

Gardening Rambles

Today has been a slower day out in the garden. Mostly tidying up from yesterday's effort and cleaning up the areas that had been neglected of late.

  • Trimmed up the plum tree limbs that I cut off the tree yesterday when making room for the new compost piles. These are being put aside for a friend to turn into pens and what ever takes his fancy.
  • Cleaned up along the back veranda area and set up a new hutch area for Flossy. Her hutch is about useless and we want to keep her safe. So she will now live the high life up with Nibbles & Cadbury.
  • Set up the animal's play pen on the freshly mowed lawns. Guinea pigs, Flossy & Cadbury are happy playing and resting there. Nibbles is loose running round.
  • Sorted out my seed collection and threw away the out of date seed packets that didn't germinate well at last sowing. Also made a list of what seeds I'll pick up later in the week. I have let my Digger's Club subscription go and so I'll be looking at buying seeds from my local shops.
  • Cleaned all the seedling labels up, ready for the up coming sowing season.
  • The 4 or 5 year old mini hot house was finally pulled a part and the plastic cover is now in the bin. I have recycled the frame as a chook perch and if the hens take to using that I'll be happy as.
By having a time frame to work with I am actually getting more done out in the garden. This time frame to work by has made it so much easier in getting organized.

Up coming dates for moon planting are...

  • 23rd & 24th March
Potatoes, beetroot, carrots, parsnips, swedes, turnips, kohl rabi
Make sure worm farms are damp as worms are laying eggs now.
Sow green manure crops & lawn seeds.
  • 25th March
Broad beans, broccoli (under air) compare to water. cauliflower, globe artichokes.
Sow leguminous green manure crops

This information can be found on Ausgarden

I have also added on the right hand side a new section listing Australian Gardens that I have enjoyed going back and visiting again & again.

Scarecrow's Garden

Sweetpea's Garden

Garden Glory

If you haven't visited these gardens I encourage you to have a look:)

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Scarecrow said...

Hi Lucky
I find that moon planting helps organise my work too.
I'm really hoping we get some of the forecast rain next week ready for this next lot of sowing. The garden is drying out so much at the moment!
Thanks for putting my link up. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Yes I am looking for rain as well. We had 6 spots of rain on the roof this morning.
Thanks for letting me add your link to my site. Sharing links is a great way to learn more from other gardeners.:)