Friday, March 09, 2007

Moon Walking

I am pretty excited today as I have finally gotten the idea of moon planting up and running. This month I have an area in moon planting to focus on.

My white board is all set with what I want to achieve this month with sowing seeds or seedlings.

My husband Pat isn't as positive as me in the idea of planting by the moon. But as we start to see results I am sure he'll see the merit in this form of gardening.

Found a book I bought a few years back on Bio-Dynamic Gardening written by John Soper and this I'll leave on the headboard in our bedroom. Make some interesting night reading and hopefully I won't get too excited as I read and then not get to sleep.

So as I wait for the days to come round I'll keep reading and posting.

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m said...

Good luck LUcky ..I'll watch with interest ..I have to say I'm with Pat on the dubious fence on this one !!!
But I guess I"ll be swayed if it works .....

Lucky-1 said...

Yes Pat is sitting on the fence, happy to let me go my merry way. :)

I am really looking forward to see how it all goes in the up coming seasons.