Wednesday, March 07, 2007

In It To Win It.

Do you look at those competitions on products on supermarket shelves and think, why enter as no one wins??

Well I entered a Reva competition late January or early February and I won a $250.00 gift voucher to be spent at Wish List a computer gift web site.

While I waited the 28 days for the voucher to come in the post, I studied the website as I wanted to get good value from my prize. Once the voucher was in my hand I set about ordering my list I had chosen.

I looked for 2 practical items and 2 personal items for the amount that I had won.

  • Practical
My stick mixer died at the beginning of winter last year and I hadn't gotten round to buying a new one, so this was a must have. Last one was 18.5years old.

Second was a coffee bean grinder for Pat as he loves his coffee. This didn't arrive in the box and so I have already sent off an email asking what had happened to this item.

  • Personal

Crabtree & Evelyn is a brand I have never heard of, but I am a sucker for hand and nail treatments. This is a hand scrub with pumice and smells delicious, made from comfrey, calendula, yarrow and rosemary.

In the envelope is a subscription for 12 months to Gardening Australia magazine.

So I think I have done very well with my list of goodies, the voucher even covered postage.

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