Wednesday, March 21, 2007

My Babies Are Gone

Big day had arrived, a day family were saying I wouldn't do. Sell some of my babies that were born late last year and early this year.

Too many faces and tummies to feed and so the 4 ducklings Dusty, Daffy, Snowy and Twinner Mark 2 were boxed up along with a pair of Light Sussex bantams.

We had to take them out in boxes with wire over the top. Knew that odd piece of wire I had stored would come in handy:) Pat used plastic ties to secure the wire to the box leaving a side open to pop the birds through.

To not stress the animals and me for that matter, I walked the poultry into their shed and closed the door. So there we were the 7 of us with a torch, looking at each other and hoping this wasn't going to be stressful.

All ready for a car trip and a new life, with a little old lady who'll let them wander round a lush garden, have babies and grow old.

With the odd quack from the back of the car, we headed off to the Gawler Poultry Auction that is held every Wednesday. We could drop the poultry of between 6.30 to 9.30 in the morning.

Pat & I saw ducks, chooks, turkeys, pigeons, budgies, rabbits, parrots, small birds, guinea fowl, goats, fruit & veg and sundries.

Outside pens where some poultry was penned for sale and further down there were goats.

Inside the shed was where my sales sat and auctioned off. Animals that were here ranged from the list above. My 3 boxes where right down towards the back. To the right in the photo was where the plants and fruit & veg auctions are held.

The 2 Sussex went for $2.00 each and the ducks $2.50 each, equaling the grand total of $14.00

Auction people took 22% for their work and I came away with #10.90 for future food for the animals.

I am going to use the auction again down the track when I have spring babies. It's a great way to enjoy these babies, knowing I will be able to sell them when big enough.

Auctions are funny as on the day, it depends on what people want and how many are after the same animal, to how much they sell for.

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