Saturday, March 03, 2007

My Garden Back In 1981

When I was living in the outback in the mid 70's to early 80's one of my interests was gardening.

As it's quiet at Lucky's Duck Farm I thought a trip down memory lane would be nice to show you all where it began for me.

These photos were scanned from the original photos taken by a Kodak camera that took a 126 film. If you look close enough with all the technology we are drown with now a days, you may find a dinosaur or 2 :)

These photos are 25 years old, I was 19 years old.

Climbing geranium, good old daisy bush with violets and some bulbs as well and a thistle I was growing for the pet guinea pigs. Yep even back then I was growing weeds for the animals.

When I was bored I would dig up some of the plants and move them round the area I gardened in. Never lost a plant and my mum used to often come and see what I was doing.

This is about half the size of what my garden was. It was in the backyard and against the cooks quarters. I have a vague memory of the left end having some chicken wire to keep the sheep dogs out. But I couldn't find any other photos to see if this was correct or not.

Above photo is one of the big pots that flowered in 1981 and I was just so thrilled with the flowers that just seemed to continue to blossom for days.

I love the size of this cacti flower, not sure of the names of these varieties though. I was allowed to have the cacti if they stayed in the heavy pots on the cement veranda. Mum & Dad didn't want plants popping up over the garden in the backyard.

Even now when I see a display of cactus I think of these plants that I had to leave behind when we left the station and moved to Whyalla.

So there you have it, what and how I started to show an interest in gardening. I do believe the gardening bug was passed on to me from my late Nanna and late Grandpa as they had a garden full of roses, sweet peas, iceland poppies plus other plants and fruit trees.

Home made jams, sauces, pickles and sausage rolls to name a few. I too am like my grandparents and I thank them for this honor.

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