Monday, March 26, 2007

On my moon planting chart I use, 27th of March is the day for sowing peas. So I am all set with 2 trellises out the back set up for the sowing.

On the 29th I am going to plant out my leafy plants. So this morning we called into our local Mitre 10 shop near us to collect my list of seedlings. Interesting thing was they had no seedlings in their garden area at all. When I questioned them, they said over the summer months, seedlings weren't selling and left to die on the shelf. People are just starting to go in and ask for seedlings now.

So we had to go to Bunnings instead. Not that going to Bunnings isn't a bad thing, just I like to help the little guy first and also Mitre 10 is 50 cents cheaper a punnet.

I was so good at Bunnings today, I only bought my seedlings on the list in my hand. Only one not able to be bought were leeks. Sold out over the weekend.

  • mini caulies
  • dragon broccoli
  • mixed loose lettuce
  • lion heat cabbage
  • baby spinach
  • rainbow chard

Out the back the summer crops are still cropping and producing abundantly. Looking at putting a second sowing of bassicas in where the zucchini are at the moment. So in a months time I will see how well the zucchini are cropping.

Burpless cucumbers are still cropping and are so much nicer than the shop ones. I have been able to give a few away as well as keep us in supply. I like to grow mine up a trellis, keeps the crop clean and gives me more space for growing other foods.

I have never seen this variety of egg plant before and I am very impressed with the bumper crop so far. These seeds were sent to me by a fellow gardener and the seeds came from "Eden Seeds" and the variety is "Early Long Purple". One plant is more than enough for me as I am the only one who eats them.

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