Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Pavers Are In.

Over night we had 4 mm of rain bringing the grand total of rain in 8 days to 39.5 mm. Made for easy moving of the very wet clay soil ready to put the pavers in as a boarder, where the espalier fruit trees will be going in a few months.

One of the heavier parts of the mornings playing was bringing the last of the pavers my brother gave me around from the front yard to where they were to be used. Three pavers in my light sized wheel barrow made for a few trips. Pat ended up taking over as he could push with a few more in the barrow.

So while Pat brought the last of the pavers round I started to place the pavers in the area where they were to go.

Besides the usual spiders Pat came across a little gecko. Sadly it dropped his little tail in fright. It's only a little gecko and we released it back after his photo was taken. I think these little guys are just so cute:)

I can't get over the speed these root crops are germinating. Noticed this morning the beet root seeds have germinated over night. So all that is left are the carrots and parsnips to burst through the soil. I can't wait:)

I have posted photos over on my main website on what we archived today with the espalier project. Really feel we have made a good move now towards the planting of more fruit trees in our garden. Not so much of a dream now, but a reality.

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Libbys Blog said...

Thanks for visiting my blog. I am happy for you to add me as a link!! I've been following Scarecrow and found it quite interesting to see what shes been doing on the other side of the world!! Please be aware my blog is not just about gardening but lots of things me and the family do!!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Libby:) I'll put a link to your site up today.:)

My site here often has other subjects besides gardening as well.

orchid40 said...

Your seedlings are leaping out of the ground, Lucky.
Looks like moon planting has a lot going for it

Lucky-1 said...

I am thinking this as well O40:) Its an exciting time here as I am so busy planning areas and planting plants out.

When the plants start to grow this will be a good way to tell if the moon planting has merit or not.