Saturday, March 10, 2007

pH In The Soil

Do you test your soil for the level of it's pH before you sow a crop of seeds or plant a crop of seedlings?

I try to remember to do this every time the new season's crop area is being prepared. These pH kits can be bought in nursery shops, hardware and shops like Big W and K Mart. They are a great little helper when trying to work out what needs to be done to the soil in the way of preparation. Also I have seen the powder and liquid sold separately, this is helpful when only 1 bottle needs replacing.

pH of 6 with a trace of a pH of 8.5 - 9

The soil I tested today is for the root crop area. As you can see by the photos the soil is tending towards the acidic side.

pH of round 6

The root crops I am growing in this area like a pH of 6.5 -7.5, so tonight I will give the area a dressing of dolomite lime.

When testing the pH of the soil, I like to take a minimum of 3 samples over the area, as this gives me a better idea of what the pH is. With these photos you can see one test is a 6 with traces of a pH of about a 9 speckled through the soil sample. Then in another photo there are traces of a pH of roughly 5.

pH of around 5

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