Monday, March 05, 2007

Rabbit In The Garden

Yesterday Pat & I spent most of the day out in the backyard gardening. So as we were out there, we though Cadbury would like to run with Nibbles for the day. Nibbles is easy to catch but Cadbury tends to go back to her hutch like a 2 year old toddler not wanting to do as it's told. She pretty well kicks and screams all the way and it takes both of us a good while to catch her.

Cadbury was busted eating a burpless cucumber on the vine. She wasn't in any hurry to run away while I was snapping photos of her.

Removing any evidence of the crime.

Weather yesterday was a mild 24.3 degrees and made for a wonderful day out in the garden. On the list was the mowing of the back lawn with our push mower. So until the lawn had dried out from the watering of the night before and the damp night, I was tiding up and harvesting from the garden.

Gave the zucchinis a tidy up and removed all the spoilt and old leaves. This seems to delay the onslaught of powdery mildew. Asparagus was given another hair cut and any old spears were cut away and I managed to harvest 2 feeds of sweet fresh spears.

Collected a pile of chillies and capsicums and removed the bean trellis over into the duck run for the ducks and bantams to remove any leaves.

By now it was lunch time and after a rest and walk, we started to mow the lawn. While Pat mowed the lawn I was preparing the compost bins by first turning them and then adding the garden waste, chicken litter and lawn clippings.

This is when I busted Cadbury eating the cucumber. Nibble was following Pat round and every time Pat stopped pushing the mower, Nibbles would hop up and rub his chin on the wheels of the mower. Thank goodness it's not a motor mower.

So on a whole we had a wonderful day outside after a very hot February.

I have 9 photos of my vegies garden and what I am planning to sow for the cooler months on my main web site, on the What's Growing page.

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