Tuesday, March 20, 2007

Rain, Green Manure & Seeds

Was woken this morning to steady rain and we had ....... drum roll.... wonderful 8 mm. :) The rain was a steady soaking and over a few hours. Today's weather then has been an overcast 22 degrees.

This made for great weather for train rides and shopping in Central Market in the city. One item on my list I wanted was some seeds for my green manure crop.

There is an organic shop in the market and I was able to get a mixture of seeds. Just a small scoop of each cost me $1.20 and all fitted just into a 500gm margarine container.

Organic wheat, rye,oats & mung beans.

After we collected our car at the interchange, we called into our poultry & grain supplier. Besides picking up some food for the poultry I also bought some seeds from my supplier.



Grey Sunflower

The sunflower I bought 5 kilo as I mix this in the wet mash for the poultry. Lupin and linseed was about 50ogms of each.

What I don't use I will more than likely just throw into the wet mash. As it's cheap as chips to buy and I can have fresh seed for next years crop.

By sowing a mixture of seeds I am hoping it will attract beneficial insects and add a good medium into the soil.

Then it was down to the toyshop (Bunnings) to buy seeds I want to sow this coming Friday. All was on the list except the peas, Pat read that they were in season for sowing and added a packet to the collection.

So I am all ready for the plantings on Friday and the weekend. With the 8 mm of rain we had and more forecast on Friday, luck surely is on my side.

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