Thursday, March 22, 2007

Seasol & Worm Wee

In the moon cycle phases today on the chart I use, garden should be mulched with seaweed if possible or treat mulch with Seasol or fish product.

It must be noted that most councils don't allow removal of seaweed from the beaches. If you intend to collect seaweed from the beach in your area, check with your local council.

So I added some Seasol to my clip on 2 ltr bottle full of concentrated worm wee and sprayed my garden.

As the time allocated for using a hose is after 8 pm, garden was watered by lights.

Tomorrow is the big day for Lucky's Duck Farm, first sowing of seeds planted by the moon cycle. I am not sure if I'll sleep tonight out of excitement and the whole idea of trying out something completely different.

As I read more on moon phases I have visions in my head of this over grown, heavy cropping vegie garden. Boy I sure hope I am not heading for a big fall.

Back to positive thoughts, weather people have forecast rain from about lunch time onwards tomorrow. So I'll be up early in the morning as the temp is expected to read just over 30 degrees before the cool change and rain arrives.

On Saturday it'll be time to sow my green manure patch. I'm going to have to be more clever than the birds that live in the park. Otherwise those birds will have a free feed of some good organic seeds.

Then on Thursday 29th I'll plant my leafy greens.

So it's all happening and I am sure the whole new way of planting is going be so rewarding.

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Scarecrow said...

Hi Lucky-1
Did a similar thing here yesterday too. Only I filled my trusty little 5 litre watering cans with rainwater and added the Seasol and I put some Charlie Carp in as well. I only use the small watering cans coz I can't manage the big 9 litre ones, they are too heavy. ;)
All the best with your new Moon Planting hope it all goes well for you. :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Scarecrow. I have a positive feeling about the crops and how it'll all go:)