Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Seedlings Are On The Move.

Root crops were sown on Friday, already the radishes are up 3 days later and today I see the turnips have germinated as well. This is very exciting for a gardener to see all the work starting to pay off in baby steps.

Pat asked me this morning how long the seed fortress was staying around the root crop area. I reckon until the seedlings are big enough to cope with birds sticking their beaks and feet in between the rows.

Radish Seedlings

Turnip Seedings

Today is the day for me to sow my peas for this season. I have picked a climbing pea called "Telephone" and if they peas make it inside.... these are good for freezing. Most of the time Pat & I just eat them fresh off the trellis. Put extra seeds in for coping with the birds that at the moment are stealing seeds from the green manure patch.

Out the front this morning I planted out daffodils I ordered last September at the Adelaide Show. These were delivered to my home by the box behind the bulbs in paper bags with labels of the variety on them, last month.

I scored 3 bulbs for free with my order and some plant labels.

This years bulbs have been planted along the footpath leading up to our front door.

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Scarecrow said...

Wow Lucky
That's great to see the seeds coming up already. I'm hoping tomorrow's rain (fingers crossed) will get mine growing too!

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Scarecrow:)

We have rain forecast from about midnight onwards tonight. Not sure how much though.