Sunday, March 11, 2007

Weekend Composting

Compost from one bin ready to be turned and placed back into the bin.

Most of the day was spent out the back with one word on my mind..... Compost. For some reason I like to play in the compost on the weekend. Maybe it's got to do with the fact I don't leave the yard.

Ducks were very excited when they saw me heading to the composting area as this means goodies and worms when they dabble through the compost pile. So between bodies and webbed feet, I was able to turn both bins and then as the ingredients had broken down heaps I was able to place it all into one bin and start a new bin off with today's green collecting.

Lawns were mowed again and all lawn cuttings went into the now empty compost bin. Much thought went into us buying a lawn mower and as we don't have big lawns, we went with an environmental model. Mowed regularly the lawn looks lovely and I have regular green lawn cuttings for the compost. Also a great way of keeping fit and not as noisy either. Plus Nibbles is able to run round without being threatened by a motor powered mower.

Our lawn is only watered on a Saturday night due to the water restrictions.

This is why I call the chooks parolees , turn my back and they are into anything and everything. When throwing garden waste into the compost bins, often a hen will come flying out squawking with fright.

Another form of composting I do involves spreading lawn clippings around the duck run to collect their poo and this every few weeks is raked up and dampened down. Then using one of the old duck ponds that is now leaking as a cover. This is left for a few weeks with me poking the garden fork at it and keeping it moist. Worms come up through the soil and when almost ready this is added to the compost bins or turned into the vegie garden where needed.

Background is the tyre composting bin started up again today. Full of litter from the chook run, paper/straw laced with bunny manure from the rabbit hutches, then topped off with some compost from under the old duck pond, harvested today.

Foreground is 1 of two old leaking duck ponds with lawn clippings laced with bantam & duck manure, duck feathers from the duck molt and any other litter from the duck run. Dampened down with water and this will be left until I think it's ready to be used.

In the garden.

Had a closer look at the soil and I have changed my mind to where the root crop will be grown over the cooler months. The first area for the root crops I picked is just too clay like and lumpy to get a fine tilth for planting out the root crops.

This area will now become the brassicas area and the area next to the brassicas will be the root crop area. Already I added today in this area last of the sheep manure I had from my sister's sheep station and the compost from under the duck pond cover.

The new area is much more agreeable soil for the root crops, this area had a pile of compost put in there months ago and this has helped to keep the clay soil under control.

Pulled up the scraggly spring onions and the free loading watermelon. Soil is ready for planting later this month when it comes in line with the moon phase.

Worm wee was collected and sealed in bottles to keep the mozzies out from breeding.

Well that is about it from me at Lucky's Duck farm for today.

I have played hard today in the garden and enjoyed every moment of it. Temp was in the mid twenties and over cast.

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