Friday, March 23, 2007

First Planting With Moon Cycle

What an amazing morning Pat & I had out the back preparing and sowing our first crop by a moon phase. Pat is still sitting on the fence with the whole idea, but at least he's not rubbishing me about it:)

We ended up doing a few other jobs out in the garden as well. I set up the area for two trellises where Telephone Peas will be planted later on this month.

Pat had the great idea of converting Flossy's old rabbit hutch into a shelter for the ducks. So now he's top of the pops with the ducks.

So lets go through what we did this morning in the garden.

After using a metal rake to get the soil to a fine tilth I used old garden stakes to mark out the rows for where the seeds will be planted. Also I have put a label tag at each end to help guide me when making a drill.

2 rows carrots
2 rows of beetroot
1 row parsnip
1 row swedes
1 row turnips

As radishes grow so fast, I have taken advantage of this and sowed a row between each of the rows I listed above.

So all up in the root crop area there are 12 rows of vegies sown.

While sitting out the back having a spell (due to the humidity) and a glass of skinny coke, I came up with this FAB TAB of an idea. With all the work in research and sweat I have put into getting this right, last thing I needed was a chook, duck, rabbit or feral bird hopping over the people fence and digging the area over.

I didn't ask Cadbury if I could use her playpen figured with all the promising upcoming root crop tops, she'd say yes.

Pat helped to set it up and putting the wire over the top to keep birds out. Once the seedlings are a good size we'll remove it.

Green manure seeds sprinkled and dampened down. Before spreading the seeds round I removed a wheel barrow of soil and then raked the area level. Then I spread the collected soil back over the seeds.

The whole idea of this is to help stop the local free loading birds coming in for a one stop feed.

Last year I sowed 13 garlic cloves from 2005's harvest. This year I sowed 24 cloves from 2006 harvest. Decided to plant these on the edge of the leafy green area. Love garlic and very proud I am able to use my own supply from year to year.

I am sure you are aware of how much I love composting? The above photo shows you how well it can work. The white markings in the bottom of the hole is cement edging from where the old lawn used to end and the vegie garden starts.

Must be 4 or 5 years now since I cut down the size of the lawn by using a no-dig approach to increase my vegie garden. I started off using old soiled sawdust from animal cages and as time went by the waste rotted down and now I just pile old animal bedding and sheep manure on top. Plants are now sown over this area where the cement paving is.

Flossy's old bunny hutch is now Duck Hilton and going from the guest, its a full house first day of business.

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