Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Bits Of This & That

I didn't post yesterday as Pat & I went into the city to donate blood at the Red Cross place. They do a nice muffin and chilled skinny Coke there. Pat couldn't give blood this time as his asthma was so unstable. So he is booked in for a fortnight's time.

Went to the Central Market as Pat needed more coffee beans and while looking round I found a cheese shop offering free samples. I tried a mild goat cheese and I could taste what a goat smells like. If you have smelt a goat and then think of that goat in your mouth..... you now know what goat cheese tastes like.

Lemon Balm

This herb that I have forgotten what it's called is reshooting. Pat kept saying, "it's dead" and I kept saying "give it time" and as you can see it's paid off. The top has been cut away and when it's bigger out into the garden it'll go.

Emptied out the duck shed and chook house bedding area, The duck bedding was spread round the zucchini area for the up and coming brassica planting later in the month. If it kills off the zucchini plants, I wouldn't have lost much. Though this hasn't happened before when I have done this.

Garlic is up so far 11 of the 24 cloves have shot. Looking nice and green and very healthy as well.

Bees have moved back into the garden and I was never so happy to see and hear them buzzing in my little vegie patch. Think I took about 150 photos with my digital camera, to get a few good ones.

I love the little orange buckets on their feet. Some bees had full looking buckets, some didn't have them at all.

Some of the stats for March are....

  • 106 chook eggs
  • 31 bantam eggs
  • 24 duck eggs

  • Rain that fell in my backyard was 39.5 mm over 3 days for the month.

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Scarecrow said...

Does that herb smell lemony? It looks like Lemon Balm, which often comes up like that when you think it's dead. Self seeds a lot too!

Lucky-1 said...

Spot on Scarecrow:D I was told this about 30 mins ago and I haven't gotten back to the post yet.

It's going out into the front garden. Going to grow herbs out there in between the roses and bulbs.