Sunday, April 08, 2007

Composting Day

Straight after breakfast I was out in the composting area with only chooks helping today. As soon as the chooks were out of their run, the ducks charged in and took over the hen house. Lot of quacking going on and when Pat came out to look at what was going on, his comment was "got some strange looking chooks there."

On the bottom of the youngest compost mix I cut up and added a heap of the wormwood cuttings, leaves, green stems and hard wood. Also added a watering can of 1/2 cup of molasses to 9 ltrs water, as I returned the compost to the bins.

Foot action.

This hen wouldn't get out of the way for me, leaf rake or the garden fork. She was onto something good and wasn't sharing with any other hens that came along.

Bum action.

Nothing like seeing chooks earning a living and cleaning up the grounds. Even had 2 hens in the compost bin as the lawn was being mowed and cuttings placed in that bin.

Last time I had a compost session this white bin was full to the top with garden waste, kitchen scraps and animal litter. This photo was taken after I had turned the compost, so it hasn't dropped down as of yet. So you can see the compost in breaking down at a good rate as I usually turn my compost weekly.

Only took me 3 days to get the wormwood into the compost bins and now for the rest of the day I'm going to just enjoy my backyard and take it easy:)

Happy Easter everyone.

Hoo roo.

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orchid40 said...

Lucky worms, Lucky1. That was all really interesting, and i will do the same for my worms this week

Lucky-1 said...

I was playing hard today to have it finished in time. Feeling very happy with my efforts over the last few days.:)