Friday, April 06, 2007

Cut Backs

Being as it's a lovely day out the back I decided it was a good day to attack the wormwood shrub and give it a good going over with the pruners.

As I started to do this I was taking cuttings over to the chook run and sliding my hand down the thick branches to take the leaves off, for spreading round the yard and bedding area.

Gave up after a while as the bush was so thick and I got carried away with pruning.

I had this voice inside my head saying things like " cut it back" or "just liberate it" next thing I knew it was "done".

In the photo above that is only about half of the bush stacked next to the now much smaller plant. The rest is over by the compost bin waiting to be cut up into small pieces for the compost bin.

My comfrey bush after that too was attacked by me. Now the cooler nights are in, I didn't want to waste all that good green fertilizer, so it was cut back the other day.

Some leaves went to the compost bins, making a compost tea and under the newly added waste in the no-dig garden, to rot down.

Other little activities for the day has been rotating those tyres with the extra compost in and it's breaking down nicely too. Popped a handful of composting worms in there and by the end of winter, it'll be full of worms.

I have the chooks out running with the ducks today and so far none have jumped the "people fence" and into my garden. I think the new lawn clippings have kept them busy in the duck run. Ducks are busy under the chook house making noises and seeing what they can find.

Nibbles has jumped out of his run 5 times today as Flossy didn't want to share . So we swapped Flossy and Cadbury round and all are happy. Worse than kids those 3 rabbits:) I actually have a small video of Nibbles jumping over the playpen fence and I'll see if I am clever enough to post it here.

Anyway that is about it today. Going to spend the rest of the day pottering round and garden and more than likely turn my compost, cos' I can:)

Hoo Roo.

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