Saturday, April 07, 2007

Dogs day Out

Lunch today was a BBQ with our nephew Jason and his 2 Boarder Collies and his parent's 2 little dogs. I was very excited to have all four dog come over for a visit, as they are good girls when they visit.

Good weather for a BBQ today and listening to the ducks & chooks was relaxing. All 4 dogs were very good and showed no interest in my poultry.

Brown/white Australian Boarder Collie

Coco is the little pup I am cuddling in the profile photo to the right.

Australian Silkie Terrier

King Charles Cocker Spaniel

Black/ white Australian Boarder Collie

Bear loves balls and when she saw James' boxing ball she just wanted to have it for herself. So the ball had to be put up out of her reach as Bear's teeth would have wreaked it.

These chillies didn't make a dent in the bush at all. Jason has two Eclectuc parrots and chillies is a favourite food of theirs.

No gardening until later today as I hope when not quite as warm outside to be able to turn the compost bins.

So for the time being I am going to just relax and enjoy this beautiful day.

Hoo roo

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