Wednesday, April 11, 2007


Today has been hot here again, too hot for gardening through the day. So I spent a fair bit of the day working on a new page on my main website. Tried to find drawings on the internet of a chooks digestive system is pretty hard. Seem to trigger chicken recipes for a human digestive system instead.

So I have used my poultry books as a reference and started putting my own information up. I'll add to it as I get time over the next few days, seeing as the warm weather is here for the next week.

Flowers are enjoying the warm weather and changes are happening out the front in the ornamental garden.

This stock was a pot of colour last spring. Neglected over the hot months and look at it now. Dead stems around the edges and 1 green stalk with a small cluster of flowers at the top. Sort of feel sorry for the poor thing as it's struggled all summer and now with it's little flower, it's hidden from the front foot path.

Society Garlic is starting to flower and I have a few clumps around the ornamental garden, bees love the flowers.

Alyssum is a great little plant, that self seeds so easy and smells so sweet when the perfume teases the senses. I have heaps flowering out the front.

Winter is around the corner and the bulbs are starting to shoot through the soil. Dutch iris bulbs have started to shoot, these I won over 9 years ago through the Gardening Australia magazine.

Going to add herbs to the front garden in between the roses and bulbs so the garden looks busy all year round.

Hoo roo

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