Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Gifts And Plants

Today was a busy day around the home area as it was payday for us. So this meant a trip to Bunnings as I wanted some blood & bone and a look in the pots of colour area.

I wanted a bit of colour for the Friendship Garden in the way of self seeding rather than replacing them each season.

I bought a

  • Blue Salvia
  • Linaria
  • Echnacia
The echnacia just needs the flower cones cut off and was sold for $3.50 down from $7.95.

The wood we took up to Pete & Liz's place yesterday was well received and below you can see the pens and keyring that Pete made.

Amy took her pen to work, so she could show her work mates. As you can see the pens are beautiful. The keyring takes pride and place on my house keys ring.

Plants I got from Pete & Liz were a fig tree, couple of rosemary plants for the Friendship Garden and a shrubby tree. The plant on the left at the back is a Polygala Multiflora and it's a lovely bushy plant with purple flowers on it. . So Pete started one off for me.

Tomorrow I'm going to plant some of them out into the garden and the rest will be left until a bit bigger or towards the winter weather.

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m said...

lucky ..if your interested ..in winter I have lots of salvia runners that will be thrown away ..
I'm happy to send you some ..i had a look and it sems ok to send to sa .
they are hardy and pretty ...a little water goesa long way .
no worrries if your not interested

Lucky-1 said...


I'd love some from your garden. What colours do you have?? I just have the blue one I bought yesterday.