Friday, April 13, 2007

Going, Going, Going

With the trip up north in a few days, thought I'd get the plum tree cut down and ready for the trip. I only have a pruning saw and wasn't sure how long it was going to take to do. Made it the first thing to be done this morning as we're looking at another day of low 30's.

Tree as of this morning, Pete I am sure will make good use of the wood. Much better than sending it to land fill.

First cut and by the time I had finished (with Pat's help in the end) it was a good work out.

All done and now once the cooler weather kicks in, I'll have to dig the stump out with a shovel. Going to have a pile of feathery supervisors to make sure I don't dig the wrong way or to China.

In this area or near by we're going to plant a citrus tree. Leaning more towards a mandarin tree than an orange tree. Guess we'll make the final choice when we go to buy the tree.

This wood is going to Pete who has a wonderful gift of turning wood into amazing things like pens, clocks and all sorts of things. I just can't bare waste and am more than happy to throw it into the boot of the car and deliver it for a cuppa and chin wag.

Saw this little fella out in the Friendship Garden just a few minutes ago. Love to see the bird bath being used.

This bird bath was given to me by our next door neighbour and suits the front yard so much. Recycling is a wonderful gift to the planet.

Hoo roo

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Libbys Blog said...

busy, busy, busy, its great fun getting out and about and stuck in the garden!!

m said...

Where's your shoes ? wouldn't pass OH&s safety rules here least I wear thongs !!!!LOL.
hey tell me is the GA site down or is it me who can't access it ??

Lucky-1 said...

Yes Libby, a good day of hard playing is very rewarding in my books.

Lucky-1 said...


I did have my thongs on, my cherry printed thongs too:)

Emailed you about GA site too.