Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Happy Chickens, Healthy Chickens

I read in a poultry article once that happy chooks don't make them lay better.

This statement was used to compare battery hens, laying in high quantity to the backyard hen.

Having had nothing to do with a battery hen farm or met someone who owns or works on one of these farm. I can't make a comment on that part of the statement, but I can comment on my chickens out the back.

After showing you the layout of my backyard in those aerial photos, you can understand why my chooks are let out under supervision. The 4 Fabbless Ones (white chooks) are buggers for jumping over the "people fence" in mess up the vegie garden.

So when I'm not in the garden for a half day or a full day, the hens stay in their chook run. It's not as interesting in the hen house as they know every inch of it.

But with all the busy days out the back, the hens have had the duck run for stimulation and a new area for dust baths. Lawn clippings spread round is just what the chooks love, as they were scratching and foraging through it for most of the day.

So what changed that had me thinking the chooks were happier than usual?

How about 4 eggs in the nest boxes before I get up in the morning. Instead of waiting until the afternoon and only getting 2 or 3 eggs.

Maybe it was the quarterly worming that was done last week.??

I tend to lean toward both, though more towards the chooks being happy and not so bored.

How did I come up with this answer??

Easy, don't you find that after an interesting day you feel good and get up the next day happier?

I'd like to know what you think of this subject and if you have a different slant on this topic to me:)

Hoo roo

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Harry Pumpkin said...

Thanks Lucky,

Thanks for taking such great effort to bring a lovely blog. I came across your site over the weekend whilst 'google' searching online retailers for vegetable seeds. Since then not only have I started my own blog (& having fun doing so) I have checked in on your good self each day & am thoroughly enjoying the little escape into your backyard for the 5minutes each evening.

Before last Saturday, I hadn't heard of a blog, but I think it is just fantastic. All of the family live many miles from us, throughout WA & NZ & I know that they miss their new little grandson/nephew, so I have mostly set it up so they can all check-into the online diary and be updated on the next installment of what's going on up here.

Feel free to pop in too if you like.... http://harrypumpkin.blogspot.com/ I'm still very new to all this so please feel free to send any hints or tips this way!

Also, I'm not sure as to the science behind the yield of the humble chicken egg... cage Vs. free-range, but one could only assume that a happy chook is a healthier chook.... as is any living organisim I suppose.

We are in the throws of organising a chicken coup ourselves, and I just can't wait to have chooks again (haven't since I was a kid) you have inspired me to get a wriggle on!!

Thanks again Lucky...

Take Care :)

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks for your kind words:)

Blogging is very addictive and lots of fun as well. My family like to see what I am doing as we too are spread around the country.

I'll pop a link up to your blog in the next day :D