Sunday, April 15, 2007

4 Bags Of Gardening Gold.

I'm late posting today as I was waiting for my sister to come and drop off some sheep manure for me to use in the garden.

While I waited for them to call in, I was busy else where in the garden and house. Today was an ideal day to dry some parsley for when I have none in the garden. Also when I use dry breadcrumbs in the kitchen I like to use dried herbs as well.

My Fowlers Vacola Dehydrator is a much treasured item in my kitchen for drying food from my garden. I only use the 4 trays and so far haven't needed to go and buy any more trays for drying food on.

The parsley was started to dry at about 10.30 and was finished by about 4 pm .

The stalks and leaves not used weren't wasted at all. I chopped them up and some was added to my worm farms and the rest mixed in the evenings wet mash for the poultry.

Four bags of sheep poo from my sister and brother in law was dropped off late this afternoon. Deb, Paul and son Ashley were here long enough to drop this off with 2 preserved jars of their own peaches and a cat mint plant for the "Friendship Garden". They are off to Kangaroo Island with their daughter and her partner for a weeks holiday.

In return through out the year I give them vegie from my garden in return for the sheep manure from under their shearing shed. I'll use the sheep poo in my vegie garden when compost is mixed into the soil, towards the end of winter. Making the green manure area even better for the garden by feeding the soil and then the soil feeds the vegies.

When I open these bags up, I am transported back in time to when I was a kids in the outback with my family. Either walking and climbing over hills or helping out at crutching or shearing time.

I'm a very happy gardener with my 4 bags of garden gold.

I will more than likely not post tomorrow as I have a funeral to go to about 3.5 hours away up north.

We'll be calling into see our gardening friends dropping off the plum tree limbs and composting worms for his worm farm.

Hoo roo.

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