Friday, April 20, 2007

Me 1 - Birds 0

Poxy birds are having a field day eating all the leafy greens in this area. So late yesterday afternoon Pat & I walked to our local Bunnings and purchased 4 metres of bird netting and 20 metres of poly pipe for the frame.

I have used old wooden stakes to hold the netting down on the pavers around the ground area.

This morning Pat spotted some spoggies sitting in top of the netting, guess they went else where for their breakfast.

There is enough poly pipe left over to do another area and I will more than likely use this in the no-dig area when I plant our the second crop of brassica seedlings. Also I am wondering if this will keep the cabbage moths out as well. Time will tell on this I guess.

For you information the cost of this effort against the birds was $18.20

Netting was $11.04.

Poly-tubing 19 mm X 20 m $7.16

With Blogger playing up I had spent some time updating my main web this morning. Which isn't a bad thing as there are lots of fresh updated photos and the vegie garden.

So if you would like to see what is growing click here.

I'm very excited to think this battle has been fought and won by me. Next battle is the pea area as the birds are attacking them as well.

Hoo roo

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Scarecrow said...

Do the birds seem to be more bothersome this year?

The little pests (mainly spoggies) have eaten the last of my apples too!

Might just be the dry conditions this year, perhaps there isn't as much 'natural' feed around for them.

The only problem with my bird netting was that it still allowed the tiny grasshoppers in to have a feast! Argh!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes, I am wondering if the drought is affecting the birds and bringing them into people's gardens.

Makes sense, when we think about it.

No grasshoppers here.... yet.