Sunday, April 22, 2007

Me 2 - Birds 0

Alarm was set for 7 am this morning as I wanted to walk to Bunnings before breakfast. We left the house by about 7.15 and this time I remembered to take my camera. Walking in our area this time of the year is very rewarding as there are lots of parrots feeding off the flowering gum trees.

This can make for a longer walk by the time we stop and watch their antics as they hang and feed from the trees.

Little Musk Loroket parrots are everywhere and they make such a racket and at times so busy with what they are doing we can almost reach out and touch them.

When we walked to Bunnings the other day for the bird netting, this fungi was poking it's way through the road spray. Today its right out and the only one in the area.

Once we made it to Bunnings, Pat went to look at a couple of things and I went to the gardening section.

I picked out 4 punnets this time and were as followed.

Second crop of brassica.

  • Green Dragon broccoli
  • Green Coronette cabbage
  • large cauliflower

Last time we bought some seedlings I was unable to buy Endive and was pleased to see I was able to buy some this trip. This will be planted in the leafy garden area.

Also I bought another 3 metres of bird netting to cover the new brassica area.

Three pieces of poly pipe was cut at 2.25 metres in length from what we had left over from the first tunnel we made. I hammered the hook ends of 6 tent pegs closer together so they could go up inside the poly pipe and secure the pipe in place, once the other end had been hammered into the ground.

Three poly pipes all set up and the brassica seedlings all planted out. Once again with worm castings placed in the hole first then the plant afterwards.

This time round the broccoli is at the front, then the cabbage and the cauliflower at the back so I can reach them easy enough to fold the leaves over when it's time to protect the cauliflowers.

All finished and the bird netting over the top. Not only will this keep the birds out, but hopefully the white cabbage moths as well.

Telephone peas have been given such a hiding by the spoggies. So I have resown more seeds and then used the now spare wire to protect the seedlings while they are young. Took some working out to get the wire to sit right, as I want the peas to climb only the trellis and not this wire as well. Then hopefully I can remove the wire when the peas are about knee high.

What a sad lot of climbing peas.

With the talk of vegetables going up in price with the result of this drought, I am protecting my crops at all cost now. Once I didn't mind sharing some of the plants with the birds, but now it's a battle of who is the most clever. I like to think I am winning.

Hoo roo

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