Thursday, April 05, 2007

New Babies

I am stoked as the parsnips are germinating and all root crops planted by my very first moon phase planting have germinated.

This is a great start to a new form of planting vegies out and I am sure the success of the root crop is due to the moon phase.


Also the peas are up and the birds have no chance of feasting on these new shoots. Wire has kept them from digging up the seeds or the new shoots.


Pat & I were talking about the peas this morning and we think we'd need to plant out a farmer's paddocks worth for the peas to reach the freezer. The best way to eat peas is straight out of the pod in your garden, and popping the shells either in the bunny hutch, chook run or compost bin..... that is if you don't eat the pods as well.

Over the Easter break, we'll have a BBQ and just spend our time enjoying the backyard and what it has to offer.

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