Monday, April 16, 2007

Our Trip Up North.

Today Pat, myself & Amy traveled up to Port Augusta for my Uncle's funeral. As it's just over 3 hour trip, we were ready to leave the house just after 7 am. James couldn't get time off work to come with us.

When I opened the front door, I was greeted with this stunning sunrise. Just had to get my camera before it was gone.

On the way home in the afternoon I was very tired and trying not to fall asleep in the car. So to keep me awake I pulled out my camera and 118 photos later we arrived home. So thought I'd share a few of them with you.

Flinders Rangers on the left as we headed back to Adelaide. This road take you through the Flinders Rangers to the other side, which is mostly farming communities.

My sister Susan is an artist and paints these ranges as well living just the other side of them. Check out her site to see some beautiful paintings of the Rangers.

Freight train that went under a bridge near Port Pirie. Some of these trains can be 2 kms long.

Tin Man made out of 44 gallon drums. My Grandma used to live in Port Pirie and we'd go past this and sometimes we'd get fish & chips for tea on the way home. Tin Man looked bigger when I was a little kid.

There was a car load of kids and Mum would tear off a piece of newspaper with some butcher paper and give us some chips and a bit of fish. We'd also pass a glass ltr bottle of coke round the car as we ate our tea. Great memories when I see Tin Man.

Loch Ness monster lost??? Someone with a bit of time on their hands, near Lochil had used car tyres to make 2 nessies then placed out on the salt lakes.

These are wonderful when traveling as after spending time behind a Sunday driver on a Monday, these passing lane save people from running over the slow car in front of them.

For some reason cars were doing 80 to 90 kms on a 110 km road. Too much traffic or too many corners to be able to pass them safely. So when we came up to a overtaking lane we could pass safely.

Only thing was once we got onto these passing lanes, the slow cars in front would then do the speed limit of 110. Once the passing lane was gone, they'd slow down again.

We heard other people who traveled from Adelaide had the same problem. So it wasn't our imagination.

I traded a box of jars with lids and a pile of eggs cartons with My dad and step mum for 2 jars of freshly dried parsley. I'd even have given them the parsley with out the trade, but don't tell them this....wink.

Tomorrow I post photos of the plants we collected from Pete & Liz's place when we dropped off a dead plum tree, composting worms and pickles I had made.

Hoo roo

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