Monday, April 23, 2007

Pottering Round

Today is a quiet day in the garden as I have about filled my vegie garden with all sorts of future foods for over the cooler months.

Mostly I have just wandered round and harvested more radishes. Rabbits are enjoying the radish tops with great gusto.

Checked the worm farms and topped up the containers with water, the legs stand in. Turned over the food in the worm trays and have decided not to feed them for 7 days. Plenty of food scraps in their farms and I don't want to overload them and have the farms turn sour.

While out walking Pat & I called into the shops for some fresh bread and milk. So we had a look in the garden section for some "Rocket" seeds for the leafy green area. I saw the seedlings at Bunnings the other day and thought they'd look good added to the salad table.

It's interested how the prices ranged from a kit including seeds, mini hot house and potting mix for just under $6.00 to a packet of seeds for around $3.00. The seedlings down at Bunnings for 6 or 8 cell punnet was $2.99 to buy.

As I'm not fussed to do a 3rd trip to Bunnings (a 2 hour walk) and not using the car for 1 punnet, so we hunted round and found some seeds in Go-Lo for $1.50. Some of the seeds have been sprinkled in the leafy green area and once big enough I will find a more permanent area if needed.

Leafy green area is looking great and the plants are booming ahead. With this problem solved I have also sown Pepe's spring onions he gave me last month. As the seedlings are a good size, I planted them out as singles rather than in a group planting like I usually do.

Counted up the garlic that has germinated and out of 23 cloves sown, 21 have sprouted. As each year goes by I am able to increase the amount sown and this gives more for the kitchen and more for planting out.

Doing what a chook is mean to be doing.... laying an egg. These old draws make great nest boxes and once again less for land fill and harm to the environment.

When the girls are let out the ducks love to get in under the hen house and take over the area. They get all excited and quack heaps as they go under the cubby house. Then it's quiet unless they hear my voice and then its a deep quack from underneath.

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Kimmysmum said...

I miss my Ducky and Squirt.
Maybe next year i will get some more.
Till then I will just enjoy the antics of yours.
Love KM

Lucky-1 said...

Hi Kimmy, I too love my ducks and would miss them if I had to loose them.