Saturday, April 21, 2007

Preparing The No-Dig Area

Zucchinis had shown no sign of burning tips from the duck bedding I put there a couple of weeks ago, so it's full steam ahead getting the area ready for planting out brassica seedlings tomorrow as we'll walk to Bunnings again, for our exercise and better for the environment.

It's lucky I like walking as its a slow trip with Pat (due to his health) but we'll use this as our daily walk. The walk and look round Bunnings will take us 2 hours to do.

Anyway back to this morning. I was out in the garden straight after my cuppa an Vegemite and toast. First off I had to set up the bunny play pens for Flossy, Nibbles and Cadbury. After they were all sorted out it was time to start sorting out the no-dig garden.

What it looked like before I started, pumping with goodness and worms. I raked aside the duck bedding as I wanted to put that back on top when the area was all finished. This was raked towards the root crops. I found the soil underneath to be moist and the 3 mm of rain overnight would have been welcomed in my garden.

I was very surprised to find most of the comfrey that I had spread round before adding the last load of duck bedding was about gone. The goodness from these leaves will have rotted down into the bedding area.

I was humming and harring about whether to pull out the parsley and decided at the last minute to leave it in the garden. No sign yet of the parsley going to seed either.

Under the duck bedding was this beautiful soil from what must be 5 years of duck/chook litter, sheep manure, newspaper, bunny bedding and kitchen & garden waste made into compost. Now that seems to look better in my garden than in landfill in my books.

First on went the bunny bedding from their cages, this also included the newspaper that is under their straw to soak up their urine. On top of the bedding was a good dose of blood & bone, watered in.

Then the sheep manure was next. I used the 2 chum bags that my sister & her family dropped off the other evening. This gave a good coverage of sheep poo over the area without it been thinly spread. Once again I used some rainwater to water it all.

On top of the sheep manure went 3 full wheel barrows of my compost. I must say the compost was soft to touch and smelt so earthy. Made me wish someone would invent a touch and smell computer screen. For I know what pleasures a good compost can bring to a gardener.

Okay all done and the duck bedding back over the top of the whole larder brimming with goodness for the upcoming brassica sowing.

Wire over it, just so the birds don't get too excited over the promise of goodies between now and tomorrow's planting. So impressed with the bird netting I am thinking of getting a few metres again tomorrow for this area.

After all that was done I needed to sort the compost area out. Under the green leaky duck pond that compost was transferred into the tumbler with most of the compost from the black bin. What didn't get put into the tumbler was turned back in the the black compost bin.

Another tyre was added to that composting area and it's now 3 tyres high. That compost came from under the yellow leaking duck pond. By this time I was ready to call it quits and just dropped the yellow cover back over the left over compost. I'll transfer that to the black compost bin sometime this week.

Think I have done enough for 1 day.

So there you have it, part of my no-dig garden topped up again and ready to feed us over the coming months with more caulies, broccoli and cabbage. Instead of mini caulies this time I'll grow the full size ones.

Hoo roo.

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