Wednesday, April 18, 2007

This And That

Noticed on a few blogs I visit they have been posting a photo of where their computer sits in the house. SO I thought, why not?

That's Harley, Pat's Siamese tom cat. Harley loves computers, he just perches on the back of the chair and watches the screen.

If I was to turn around I'd look into the kitchen.

Just to the left of my chair is a plastic bin that all paper goes into the can't be shredded for the compost bins. The shredder is on the right hand side of my chair.

Jonquils are now starting to pop up around in the Friendship Garden. With all the bulbs out the front it should be another stunning display.

Roses are filling up with rose buds after I gave the bushes a light prune back last month. Buds are nice and healthy and hoping for a stunning display of beautiful highly perfumed roses.

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