Thursday, April 19, 2007

Vegies Going Gang Busters

This morning I was up early and out in the Friendship Garden planting out plants and seedlings I was either given or bought the other day at Bunnings. It was so nice out in the garden at the early hour of 7.30, well it was early for me.

Trying to get out of the habit of laying in bed and listening to the breakfast team on the radio. As enjoyable the breakfast team is, they aren't following me out into the garden.

The lemon balm I have planted towards the edge of the garden so people can rub their hands over the plant and enjoy the beautiful smell. Linaria was spread round the garden and hoping they will self seed as time goes by. Cat mint is planted towards the front of the garden. Amaranths planted in the centre of the garden with room to grow. Blue salvia is towards the front as well.

Radishes are swelling and already I am thinking of raiding them, to thin out the seedlings. Pat can't understand this and wants to let them get bigger.....chuckle. Think I'll have to do a raid when his back is turned and eat them out the back and feed all leftover evidence to the rabbits. There will be so many radishes in a week, we'll be sick of them.

I love snacking on radishes when using my computer or watering the garden. Munching on a freshly pulled crunchy radish while out watering is so rewarding.

Dwarf beans are up and hoping to get a good harvest from them. Blue Lake beans didn't do too well this year and so, thought I'd try a bush bean in cooler months. Planted a crop of beans late last year and had a better crop. So hoping the same again this year.

Well that is about it from me today

Hoo roo.

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