Saturday, April 14, 2007

Was That Rain I Heard?

This morning I was laying in bed and thought......"Was that rain on the roof??" Sure enough it was, only thing was I had planned on mowing the back lawn today.

So I zipped out the back and ran the lawn mower on the lawn, only to have what rain there was leave. Weatherman hadn't predicted rain and so I thought maybe it was going to be one of those days,where rain sneaks up on us and goes "surprise".

I have checked the weather maps and no rain is forecast. Maybe it was a flock of large birds flying over and "when ya gotta go, ya gotta go".

One good thing the lawn was mowed early and I had my exercise before breakfast rather than afterwards.

Root crop is going wonderfully and I have removed all coverings completely now. Thinned out the turnips and swede last night and feed the picking to to the bunnies.

Garlic chives are now into flowering and the flowers are really very pretty. I won't be using the chives much in the kitchen until my 2 clumps have grown more. The flowers can be left for the bees to visit.

Our friend out at Gawler when last visited him, we got onto the subject of moon phases and planting. His ideas on the sowing of seeds and plants is different to mine and so we have decided to try an experiment and see if either of our planting phases are different.

How do I mean different??

In the root crop area I sowed them 4 days after the new moon.

This second crop I have sown them 4 days after the full moon. Our friend and I will see if the second crop catch up to the first crop and at the same time compare our crops with each others.

We have taken into account, different varieties of seeds, soil and gardening practices.

I'll keep you posted on the tests and with luck I'll be able to post a photo of Pepe's crop as well.

My lettuces and rainbow chard are getting a hiding with something munching it. No snail trails, not little dark green bug poo on the leaves or soil.

Last night I went out with the torch and couldn't see any either.

So I am thinking birds...... again. Need to put my thinking cap on and work a way out of solving this problem now.

One thing with gardening, the spiders have no chance of spinning their webs in my head. Always thinking and planning.

On that note I'll catch you tomorrow.

Hoo roo.

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orchid40 said...

Hey Lucky1,
Your seedlings are looking terrific, must be all that sheep and bunny poo!
bad luck with the bird damage though...........

Anonymous said...

Hi Lucky

It's not only the waxing moon PHASE but the SIGN. Roots are planted under the Earth signs of Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn. Even planting after Full moon when it is waning, choose an earth sign to plant - this is the sign to plant root vegetables.

Cosmic Gardener

Allotment Lady said...

Us gardeners and food growers have to think on our feet with all the competition for our food!

Lucky-1 said...

Yes o40 those birds are a real pain and I am looking into how I can stop their fun in my garden.

Thanks Cosmic for explaining to me how the Earth signs work. I have lots to learn.

Yes my brain is always thinking about the garden.