Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Who's A Pretty Parrot?

Just on 4 pm we had some visitors to our backyard. Rainbow Lorakeets love to announce when they have arrived, by screeching at top volume.

What amazes me the most with the local bird life is that they aren't shy and we can get up quite close to them.

Not much was done today in the garden as it's getting to the stage where I can just watch plants grow and harvest food.

I did get the front lawn mowed this morning but not the back lawn. Tomorrow we should if the weatherman has it right, rain will start to fall in the afternoon. Then Thursday should be heavier again with up to maybe 20 mm of rain.

As I have come down with a cold, I really don't feel up to pushing the mower round on the back lawn. So I'll try and see if I am up to it tomorrow.

I'm looking forward to the promise rain tomorrow and if you have rain forecast for your area, I hope you get very wet as well.

Hoo roo.

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