Sunday, April 01, 2007

Zucchinins In April

How about this, zucchinis being harvested in April. I'm really happy about this as I get to make another zucchini slice if I don't steam, grill, roast or stir fry them first.

Another way of cooking them is slicing zucchini, tomato & onion and layering it in a microwave dish topped with grated cheese.

Old zucchinis that have gone wrinkly due to not being pollinated I still pick these and newk them and into the worm farm or chook bucket they go. Nothing is wasted here at all.

One of the 3 zucchini plants I still have in my garden. Looking at replacing these plants with brassica plants 22nd & 23rd this month. Going from the good condition of the plants, this will be a hard choice when it comes time to plant out my second crop of brassica plants.

Though 3 weeks of cooler nights can make a difference. I feed my plants in the garden a weak manure tea and worm wee with a drop of seasol in it. Also I remove all tatty leaves and this seems to have kept the powdery mildew away.

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Susan Borgas said...

Must be a year for the bushes lasting longer as Malcolm and I are still picking zucchini's here. Just as well as we had a late start due to lack of water. Tomatoes are doing well although to much growth in the bushes and not enough into fruit. The bushes are over six foot tall with lots of tomatoes yet to ripen. Unusual that they grew so tall as they have never done it before.

Lucky-1 said...

Well with you being away for a couple of weeks on holidays, you'll still get a good harvest. Warmer weather would help to keep those zucchinis cropping.