Wednesday, May 30, 2007

300th Posting

Three hundred postings on my blog, how amazing is this:)

Today when I misted my mushroom farm I was so stoked to find that the mushrooms are starting to form and I should be harvesting them soon.

Not that big as of yet and the photo doesn't really show up all the "Mycellum" that looks like white mould underneath the peat moss that is starting to make it's way to the top.

I started this farm on the 15th of this month and after 15 days I can see actual mushrooms forming.

Each day I mist spray the peat miss with filtered water and pop it back up on the kitchen cabinet.

A lot of people have asked me where I keep the mushroom farm while it's being used. So I have posted a photo while standing at my kitchen sink. It sits up on the cabinet with newspaper underneath the box, where it seems to enjoy great temps and good views of my kitchen.

Once the mushrooms dry up I then empty the mushroom compost out in the garden. Box is composted down in the worm farms.

This year I thought I would also keep track of how many grams I harvest from the mushroom farm.

Until next time .....hoo roo

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