Tuesday, May 01, 2007

April's Stats

Well another month has gone past and if your like me, the year seems to be speeding by. April was an interesting month weather and planting wise.

Weather at the end of the month was lovely and wet. Still on the warm side, though the nights were turning colder with some nights leaving a heavy dew on the lawns in the morning.

There was 5 days of rain, though the rain fell after 20th of the month.

  • Total for the month was 79.25 mm
  • Lowest day's rain was 3 mm on the 20th.
  • Highest mount was 29.5 on the 26th.

Poultry was interesting as the hens have dropped off a bit with the laying. Ducks have started to lay again and its nice to have them for cooking. I also think the little Light Sussex bantams may have started to lay now as well. Finding the odd white coloured shelled egg and I am pretty sure its a Sussex egg.

  • 87 hen eggs down from 106 in March
  • 36 bantam eggs up from 31 in March
  • 9 duck eggs down from 24 in March
April was a busy month in the vegie garden with planting out leafy greens and brassicas for winter eating. Plum tree was also cut down and given to a friend for his wood projects. This still needs to be dug out though. Part of the no-dig garden was topped up with goodies from the compost area and animal areas.

I still have this shocking cold and my voice is as croaky as ever. But I am feeling better as my head is clearer than what it has been.

So I should be back to posting daily.

Hoo roo

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