Friday, May 04, 2007

Friendship Garden

Flowers are starting to appear in the "Friendship Garden" and most colours seem to be blues, purples or orange or red colours.

A lot of areas are starting to fill up with sour sobs and these will be pulled out within the next week.

Love the blue salvia and down the track I'll get the red and white ones as well.

I don't know what the name of this rose is. Some days I think it's a Brandy and other days a Just Joey.

Portulaca just about ready to die off completely. Hanging on for a last few flowers.

This fungi is growing on the newspaper in the worm farm. Reminds me of dainty parasols from the olden days.

Early hours this morning we had 4.5 mm of rain. Overcast again today and a nice breeze blowing.

Hoo roo.

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BM Food said...

Hi Lucky -- I discovered your fantastic blogs when I was looking for worm farm info.

Then I was amazed at your wonderful stories and photos -- especially the amazing fungi "growing on the newspaper in the worm farm" which looks like something produced by the Japanese woodblock printmakers!

Would you let me reproduce this pic in our newsletter?

We/I am at the Blue Mountains Food Co-operative and we would be very happy to credit you and point our readers and members to your blogs.

I am sure they would find much that is inspiring -- and highly motivating.

My email is bmfood(at)inbox(dot)com

Congratulations on the 1000th egg!