Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Cottage Garden In The Never Never

This afternoon I rang my sister Debbie and asked if next time she has ther digital camera in her hand could she take some photos of the cottage garden.

Well Deb didn't need asking a second time and these photos are hot off her camera. I asked Deb if I could share them with you.

Deb & Paul and their family live 125 km from Burra on a sheep station in South Australia.

Deb is a cottage gardener like I am a vegie grower.

This is the side of the garden that'll greet people when they pull up in their cars.

Deb is a big fan of chrysanthemums and these have been given to her over the years from her 2 children. At the moment their house is full of chrysanthemums in vases.

Just behind the garden you can see part of their house with that wonderful big veranda.

First jonquil out in flower for this season.

Lost count of the times we have shared a meal under the pergola next to this area in the garden.

One of the many roses Deb has flowering in her garden. Deb is a big fan of sheep and cow manure in her garden. When it's free and just a wheel barrow walk away, why not.

Long shot of the house and garden.

Deb has to pump water up from one of the dams nearby into the house tank to water her garden. She uses a Davy pump to get enough pressure in the hose to use her dripper system or the sprinklers.

I hope you have enjoyed looking at a homestead with a beautiful cottage garden.

Hoo roo

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