Sunday, May 27, 2007

From The Backyard

Its been a week since I last posted and things are starting to get back to normal here. Been a hard week with loosing Nibbles and the backyard doesn't seem the same without his little face to greet me when I go out the back.

Been doing a small amount of gardening as I have been busy elsewhere as well. Pat & I are over our viruses we had, but Amy has been off work with a nasty head cold.

Had some stunning weather here and the sun shining has really gotten the vegies growing. At the moment it's coming in overcast and we have more rain forecast for the next week, with Tuesday being very wet & windy.

While mowing the lawns yesterday Pat & I had a small feed of raspberries straight off the canes.

Banjo's eggs have all been broken, I should have shut her away from the other ducks. So no babies for her next month. Just didn't want to shut the other ducks and bantams out of their nice big shed with all the weather that would have been coming in.

Lets now take a look at some of the changes that have happened in my little vegie garden.

First off the root crop is doing wonders and once I had weeded the area I snapped off this photo, so you could see all the growth.

I weeded and thinned out the rows and I was thinking of all the future vegies I was throwing away. But by the time I added some to the 3 worm farms, feed Cadbury & Flossy and then some into the duck run for them and the chooks, I was happy to say none was wasted in the end. None in the council green waste bin or the compost bins, it feed an army or what seemed to feel like one as I shared it around the yard.

Turnips are starting to swell as are the beetroot. Swedes are a bit slower and parsnips and carrots pulling up the tail end. I had a small turnip after I had thinned them out and it was so full of flavour and crunchy as well. Have to control myself and not eat these like the radishes.

First sowing of brassica by the moon cycle and they are booming along. I am now keeping a close eye on the mini cauliflowers and broccoli for flowering heads forming.

Bush beans are coping well in the cooler weather and the colder nights. Though some over night temps are still in the teens. My summer crop wasn't a good one and am hoping for a better crop from these.

Close up of the beans and as you can see flowers are setting and beans are now growing.

Cut the last of the asparagus back and pulled any weeds out of or around the area.

Still other jobs to be done on my list. Green manure is about ready to be dug into the soil and a bag of that sheep manure I have in the shed added to this area.

So even though a little garden mate has moved on, the place still needs to be cared for and food is still harvested daily.

So until next time.....hoo roo

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