Friday, May 11, 2007

Garden Update.

Just been outside and feed the animals and harvested some radishes for us and eggplants for the rabbits. The eggplant is starting to look like a weeping bush, with all the fruit on the branches.

Also another cucumber is due to be picked.

Green manure patch came up better than what I thought it would. With all the problems I had with wild birds raiding the seeds sown, I was thinking the crop was going to be a poor one. But I am happy with what has grown.

Think I have neglected the radish area a bit the last few days. These are bigger than a golf ball and crisp and crunchy.

Fungi growing at the bottom of the trunk of the dead plum tree. Looks pretty impressive in my books.

We have rain forecast again mid next week. I noticed lots of green lawns in the city now and also heaps of weeds growing in the lawns.

Banjo is broody again, but not enough duck eggs to set her.

Milly is still with us and the other cats are not hissing at her anymore. She has also found my wool when knitting, so she has her own ball of old wool, to knit herself some socks with.

We had another funeral to go to yesterday and as the church was so cold, Pat has become worse with the virus I so kindly gave to him. So I haven't managed to make it out into the garden yet. Hoping to get outside for a while tomorrow.

Hoo roo

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Mick Moore said...

Not that I eat radishes, but you plants look nice and healthy....

Lucky-1 said...

Thanks Mick. They are so nice and munching on them while on the computer.