Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Kitten With No Mittens.

Okay lets get it over with. Milly is staying as she has her claws so far into our hearts, so the thought of her leaving was too hard to bare. I wonder how many of you, knew she wasn't leaving before we did?

When Amy comes home from work and calls Milly's name, doesn't matter what or where she is, Milly runs to the sound of Amy's voice and starts purring. I have started to call Milly, "Amy's puppy kitten".

Mother's Day was last Sunday and James gave me this box with the white plastic bag. It's a mushroom farm and I am tickled pink to have one for this winter. One year I was able to dry some from the box as it was producing a huge crop.

I do hope all mum's had a lovely day and was shown how much they are appreciated.

Pat has keep me pretty busy with the virus I so kindly gave him. His turned to a chest infection and is on antibiotics, though the other night I had to call a doctor to the house to have him looked at.

So not a lot of time out in the garden is happening. Thank goodness the vegie garden is pretty well looking after itself and growing nicely.

Another 4 mm of rain last night along with a stunning show of lightening and thunder.

So until next time

Hoo roo

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Kimmysmum said...

Told you she would be staying that cute little Millie.
Big hug to Millie
From Kimmy

Lucky-1 said...

I did say when she arrived, Milly wasn't staying...... but she is a sneaky little kitty and wormed her way into our hearts.