Thursday, May 03, 2007

Leafy Greens Area Update.

This photo was just taken this afternoon to show you what the rain clouds have been like going over my place. This morning we had one big downpour, including thunder, afterwards I measured 8 mm in the rain gauge.

Wind has also been blowing on and off for most of the day.

I can't tell you have pleased I am with the tunnels Pat & I made for the leafy greens area. So the best way is to show you the end results.

Going from the prices at the green grocers and supermarket, it was a worth while investment. Baby spinach is selling for $15.00 a kilo. Lettuces up around the $3.00 mark and all I have to do is walk out the back and lift the bird netting.

That is what growing your own food is about.

Loose leaf lettuce, spring onions, endive, spring onions and rocket seedlings.

Boy they sure live up to their name. Going to have to thin them out and when a bit bigger again, transplant them around the leafy green plot area.

Rainbow chard with the garlic leaves in the picture as well.

At the moment this area would have to be the main cropping area. Rest of the vegie garden is responding well with all the rain and it's taking care of itself while I am slowly recovering from this virus.

Tomorrow I'll show you how the front garden is going.

Hoo roo.

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