Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Leafy Greens Producing.

With the sun shining and good gardening weather I was able today to weed and harvest from the leafy green plot.

After being sick myself and then Pat catching it and having to care for him, today was so relaxing to be out in the garden. I noticed there are a few jobs that need doing in the vegie garden before I head out to the front garden. So I'll do a bit each day and this will knock the areas over in no time.

Taking the bird netting off completely I was able to tidy the basil and weed the whole area much easier. Weeds were fed to the chooks along with some of the basil cuttings. Ducks were fed the rainbow chard leaves. While the bunnies were given a mixture of everything for their lunch.

Spring onions I was given by Pepe are ready now for use in the kitchen. Garlic is also growing nicely. Not sure how long the basil plant is going to last, going from the look of it today, no chance of it dieing in the next couple of weeks. Also I thinned out the rocket plants and after all was harvested and weeded and before the bird netting was placed back over the plot, a feed of sheep manure liquid with some worm wee was given to the area.

Basket full of different varieties of loose lettuces, endive and baby spinach leaves. No need to buy lettuces at the green grocer now and hopefully for months to come.

Had a bo-peep in the worm farms today and fluffed up the food trays to see how they were going. Couldn't get over how big the worms in the 3rd farm are looking. The extra care we took in setting this farm up has paid off and it's working perfectly.

On that note I'll say

Hoo roo.

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Libbys Blog said...

Thanks for popping over and adding your ideas to my chicken run problems! I did have a chuckle at your reply 'thongs' in the uk are a pair of 'not alot of material' knickers! But I understood what you ment, we call them 'flip flops!!

Lucky-1 said...

LOL Libby I forgot they are called "flip flops" over in the UK:)

We also call those tiny knickers "thongs" here as well.

Do hope your problem is fixed for you.